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Monday, March 4, 2013

Poser over beheading of police in Semporna

The police are unable to confirm or deny that one of its personnel was beheaded during the clash with armed intruders in Kampung Sri Jaya Simunul, Semporna on Saturday.

This is despite the fact that the bodies of all six police personnel have been returned to their kin.

Speaking to reporters in Lahad Datu today, Inspector-General of Police Ismail Omar said he has yet to see the post-mortem reports.

Reporter: Is it true that one of the police officers who was killed was beheaded?

Ismail: You've seen some of the pictures, we don't know lah.

Reporter: Yesterday you said you were going to see the post-mortem report, so is it true?

Ismail: [Whispers to Sabah police chief Hamza Taib briefly] The police have not seen the post-mortem report yet. I've not seen the post-mortem report yet.

Utusan Malaysia today reported that one police personnel was trapped during the incident before he was beheaded, whereas another police personnel was stabbed and gutted.

The police officers had entered the village on Saturday evening when responding to reports of people bearing arms, but ran into an ambush.

An operation to sweep the area yesterday found six police officers killed, with another six unidentified bodies believed to belong to the intruders.

By Nigel Aw


  1. hopefully this news can be confirmed soon...

  2. please stop spreading rumors if this has not been verified by the police

  3. probably, it could be one of the intruders...we do not know yet..

  4. pray for those in the frontline fight to protect Sabah, together we stand, together we pray.